About Us

We are a Sydney-based product design consultancy specialising in the development of sustainable products for startups, inventors and established businesses.

We are on a mission to disrupt the product design and development industry, making it transparent and accessible to everyone. Always with sustainability, approachability, empathy at heart.

Our Difference
Big picture thinking
Industrial design is only one part of a successful product. We guide you through the process of developing your business plan, protecting your I.P., building a brand, and scaling up in parallel with the design process. By focusing on a project's goals for success, we ensure resources are spent in the most effective way.
Sustainability at the core of our business
People&Things see opportunities for sustainability where others don’t. There are many different ways that projects can be sustainable. We have developed a simple method of achieving sustainability standards for our clients and partners.
Established network of suppliers for every need
In our 40 years of combined experience, we have established a trusted network of local and international manufacturers. We also offer a range of services suitable for any stage of the process such as; marketers, IP lawyers, UX designers, branding agencies and creatives.
Award winning design that gets talked about
What do our clients say?
''P&T helped me turn the idea into an amazing product and get VC funding- now we are expanding globally''
Angus Hudson
Founder of Slurrytub
"It was fantastic to work with these guys to turn our fuzzy vision into hard reality that really impressed our stakeholders. P&T figured out all the design and production issues and gave this a lot of attention, even though it was a small volume project''
James Petrie
Co Founder and CEO of Nourish Ingredients 
''I just wanted to say a massive thanks for working with me to bring Doble to life.
Many of the customers have already received their glasses and they are very happy- they love the product and say the packaging is fantastic and secure''
Erica Parcio-Cooke
Founder of Doble 
Company we keep
Our established network of multi disciplinary service providers and partners means that we can guide our clients in all aspects of product development.